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Live @ The Sky Bar, 02-12-03

This song is based on Danny P's experience with the bad people on "Escape from Experiment Island", a reality TV show on which he was a contestant.
Yeah, it's a song about a kitten named Betty. Got a problem with that?
Part 1 of two clips from our 2nd space song. This song is about a hero astronaut going on a rocketship to save the world.
Part 2 of the heroic exploits on the rocketship. Even heroes have fear when the earth's getting smaller
Cuddles's extended and wonderful solo within the wholly revamped live version of spring.
Danny P vs. a pillow, our signature ending with a touch of Valentine's.

Live @ TT The Bear's Place, 01-21-03

The massive Jupiter drum solo from "bounce to the moon". Yes, Danny P plays even better outside the studio, minus a dropped drum stick.
The Mars guitar solo from "bounce to the moon". Cuddles also plays better when rocking live.
We do have slower tempo grooves that we enjoy playing live, contrary to what you might believe based on the other clips.
Danny P. in a life or death struggle with a pillow, our signature ending.

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