Excerpts from The Tech

The Tech
Volume 123, Number 19
Tuesday, April 15th, 2003

Concert Review
Local Bands Rock the 'Dell
By Petar Simich
Staff Writer

"ZBT's Battle of the Bands, held Saturday night at the Lobdell Food Court, was a spectacular evening. Ten bands performed three to four-song sets in competition for gift certificates to Guitar Center, while all proceeds were contributed to the Children's Miracle Network

First up was Bucky Spins, a group who put a little spin on the standard three-piece. The music sounded like some sort of ska-punk-swing hybrid with the bassist singing like Brad Nowell of Sublime. The bassist had some of the craziest body and facial expressions; as he sang "you suck my energy away" he'd stare blankly in the crowd and drop slowly to the ground. A rather humorous "demolition" ended the set with drummer furiously destroying a pillow. "

...8 reviews for 8 other bands...

"Last was Neon calm, a rock five-piece that resembled Matchbox 20 and related bands. They had a piano, which could have been interesting but really didn't add to the guitar-heavy songs. Unfortunately, they won the $1000 gift certificate grand prize. They were definitely not the best band. I was happy with Fluttr coming in second and Sonic Bonnett getting third, but Bucky Spins should've been first. Neon Calm did the same basic rock formula and didn't do anything remarkable. It was a travesty, I tell you.

The Battle of the Bands was nevertheless an excellent event and I hope it happens again. "

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