the appearance of the demo cd

Buy a piece of the Bucky Spins dream! This is a picture of our limited-edition
demo cd, which comes with a numbered copy of our full press packet autographed
by the entire band. It includes a cover letter and a band picture to complement
the four previously downloadable tracks on the demo: red fender, awshit, spring,
and one word. Once received, you will be able to truly admire the craftsmanship
behind this object, which has been beautifully burned and labeled by hand. We
will be moving to a new demo cd in the spring with a manufactured disc, at which
time we will cease production of this remarkable press packet. For collector
protection, a registry of each press packet's original sale is kept by the band.
Imagine the collector's value of such an item in the event that we really get
huge! Now imagine the expected value given the relevant probabilities and make
a rational decision.


© 2002 All Rights Reserved. "Bucky Spins" is a Trademark of the band. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is strictly forbidden. We love you.