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Where are you Bucky Spins?

Hello there web wanderer. This is clark, giving you a long awaited update on Bucky Spins activity, or the lack thereof. Our music making came to a gasping halt in the summer of 2004, as I became very focused on my doctoral dissertation. Team Bucky thought it would be best to postpone further rocking until I had defeated this paper beast and attained the glory of a PhD. Unfortunately, the finishing touches for this document have required far more time and energy than anyone anticipated. I will finally be free in June, at which point music will resume in full force. The Bucky Spins you know may return, or possibly some newly evolved musical creature. Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be fun and rocking. In the mean time, consider checking out Ben Vigoda's new band The Musn't Grumble and Dan Paluska's new band The Product. Thanks for stopping by. -- clark kemp

Our Bloggish History

06/26/04 We performed for an outdoor BBQ at Sydney and Pacific (big time graduate student housing for MIT). We just barely beat the rain. Unexpectedly, this was our last show before a very long (indefinite) hiatus due to clark's thesis problem.
06/17/04 We played the Muddy Charles Pub. It was a fun Thursday show that started at 9pm. The very very wonderful and very very deserving Jessica Banks was inducted into the elite FOTM (fan of the month) organization. Chimp Simple played a good set after us.
04/15/04 ***Our Saturday appearance was cancelled due to illness.***
You still had a great night of music if you caught the 3 remaining high-powered bands, Fight The Nothing, A Hero Next Door, and TenFour at The All Asia Cafe.
04/13/04 We rocked the Muddy Charles pub for our second birthday. We thank you for joining us. It was a close intimate night. We enjoyed the space and hope to return soon. (historical addendum: Dan was starting to get sick, which made this show a challenge for him. He was a real trooper!.) The truly cool Natalia Hernandez Gardiol joined the illustrious FOTMs.
04/03/04 We were very happy to play a Saturday show at the Sky Bar with our friends Rule 56 and Sonic Bonnet. It's great to walk into a venue early in the evening for your sound check and find people already there hanging out. Our set was good with a couple of bumps. We played most of our standards and brought back "Spring" after a long winter hiatus. Ben (Cuddles) created a new "Spring" guitar solo for the show that builds up into a high energy wave of rocking. It's too bad that the sunny disposition of the song has yet to be matched by the actual sun; so far we've had a sham spring in Boston. We also debuted our newest and shortest song "X" ("Her Name Started with an X", the name is in flux...), which clocks-in at under a minute. As always, thank you for coming out.
03/27/04 Our Emergenza Experience: We played a great 5 song, 20 minute set, but did not move on to the next round of this international music battle. We were really happy with our performance. The sound at Club Lido was good, the audience was large, and the overall quality of the other bands was high. From the biased perspective of Bucky Spins and the Bucky Spins's fans in attendance, we had the best set. Of course, every band's loyal audience will feel this way about their band, especially when the competing bands are coming from distinct genres. For a hand-vote battle in an out-of-the-way place, you've got to have more fans there than the other bands. We thank all of you who came out. We had a great time. You can read Clark's Emergenza Music Review for his take on the night.
02/21/04 Our first cancelled show ended up being one of the most fun to play. Around 10:30pm on Saturday at P.A.'s Lounge we started the most intimate set we've ever performed for an audience. Using no vocal amplification, special drum sticks (cool rods), and clark's brand-new bass, we played with quiet intensity in the bar area. The audience made the night great for us with their smiles, applause, support, and participation. Just about everyone stuck around afterwards to hang out and drink, while laughing at SNL. Given that our show had been unexpectedly cancelled for the better part of Friday evening, we were truly surprised that the night ended up being such a success. We had booked the show over a month ago, but the renovations of the P.A.'s Lounge's large performance area with its stage, PA system, and lighting were incomplete. We were only notified of the cancellation the evening before the show. Fortunately, we were able to work with Tony, the booker, and Gerry, the owner, to come up with the solution of an intimate all Bucky Spins no-cover night. It was great!
02/07/04 It's about 3am, and we just got back from PAN9. This truly underground variety show dazzled us with a diverse assortment of high quality acts, including comedy, music, dance, poetry, and the premiere of the first Fluttr music video. The Walsh Brothers hosted the evening with stand-up, improv, and skits that produced heavy laughter from the entire audience. The Bro's kept the night moving right, and we were impressed by the show all around. Unfortunately, the quantity of quality put our closing act very late into the evening. Our "around 11pm" start turned into an "around 12:30am" start, so we thank those who braved sleep deprivation and the close of public transportation to rock with us. Other than some equipment trouble with the bass and the resulting problems with "All Of My Energy", the set was fine with several sweet moments, including Dr. Cuddles's performance art piece entitled, "your email", and the return of "Listen Up" with its pillow fight finale. Bucky Spins is grateful to Vessela and Troy Kidwell for letting us be a part of this talented evening of acts. We've wanted to play PAN9 for a long time. We also thank Scott for his work on sound; Valerie Thompson, who's always amazingly cool and supportive; all the dancers in the audience; all those who stuck around; the people who complimented us afterwards; and, of course, you, for reading this entry. Go to PAN9 sometime!
01/29/04 We had another excellent night at the Sky Bar. Our first performance for 2004 was our best performance yet. "Oh My Gosh", "Not That Smaht", "Machine", and "The Real Hip Hop" were played with polish, while our quiet practices paid off with a tighter show, and fewer damaged eardrums. Andy Newell, the man who first introduced Dr. Cuddles to the guitar and the joys of music became our first FOTM for 2004. Andy has followed up his extraordinary childhood contributions to Bucky Spins in many ways, including enthusiastic support, nearly perfect attendance, and even equipment unloading! We love Andy Newell. Our friends, Rule 56 and Sonic Bonnet made the night a total pleasure by following us with great performances. We thank all of you who came out to rock with us.
12/21/03 We definitely enjoy playing the Sky Bar. It's got a good setup for rock-n-roll and excellent people. With shred for booking, Joe Feloni on sound, and Adam at the door, it's a real pleasure to perform. Thank you Sky Bar. Of course, no venue is fun without an audience. So, as always, thank you audience. It was a great turnout. Highlights from the show included the debut of "Not That Smaht" and "Real Hip-Hop", the absence of a pillow, Danny P's 2nd appearance as front man, the presence of Jessica Howe's way-cool sister, and the attendance of Ana from Seattle who was representing the Bettys in full-effect. Rule 56 continued the rocking action after us, followed by Haverchuck.
10/31/03 We had a fine time at The Thirsty Ear playing in costume. Our friends Sonic Bonnet followed us with spooky good music. Much thanks to those of you who chose to spend some of your scary evening with us. Many good costumes covered the audience, but a dazzling display of head situated flora garnered the first COTM (Costume Of The Month) award. Way too much candy, two new Bucky Spins Songs ("Oh My Gosh" and "Machine"), Dan as a front man, the drums in the way-back, and bloody antics made for a memorable show.
10/20/03 We put out a few copies of our second EP, "Dos EP". You can hear the 5 new tracks here, right now. We believe we finally captured some of our live sound and energy, albeit with production that is decidedly low-fi. This release consists of the last tracks we recorded in our old basement studio "Flintstonia", which are also our first recordings with Ben Vigoda (Cuddles). While Ben was busy with his thesis, Danny P and Clark recorded the bass, drums, and lead vox. For each track, Danny P and Clark played through the song several times and used the best resulting single take. They played simultaneously in the same room together without a metronome, as though they were live at a venue. Both sang while playing their instruments, and these live vocals remain as the lead vocals on the tracks. The goal was to capture Bucky Spins's live feel, including tempo changes. When Ben had spare time, we recorded him playing over these takes. Many of Ben's guitar recordings were made at the very last minute on the morning of the day we dismantled Flintstonia. After the move to Skehan, Danny P and Clark did post production including the addition of some backup vocals. Although generally favorable, reviews indicate that we pushed the low-fi too low, so you can expect higher-fidelity recordings on our next release using standard multi-tracking methods similar to those we used in our first EP. Download and enjoy!
09/24/03 Bucky Spins returned. You can look at the results with these fine pictures. The superb audience at our show at the Sky Bar filled us with joy that will not soon dissipate. Once again, fate let us split the night with one other band. Goldman didn't make it in, but Westview followed us with a solid set. John Hoctor, who has energetically supported us from the beginning with creative ideas, photos, humor, photoshop, and attendance, was inducted into the illustrious ranks of the FOTM's. We love John Hoctor! During the show, Jessica Howe (FOTM #2) created and gave away fabulous Bucky Spins shirts, while brave dancers rocked out by the stage, including members of the excellent band Sonic Bonnet (you should check out the mp3's on their site). Extra pleasure was ensured with a surprise appearance by Scott Lawin from NYC! We thank all of you who came out from near and far. You made us grateful to be back.
08/25/03 Flintstonia falls. The great basement studio is no more. Long live Flintstonia!
07/21/03 Through cunning defense, Cuddles became Dr. Cuddles. He won his all-out-war with his doctoral thesis. He will be happy to write you a note to excuse you from your homework, so you can come rock with us anytime.
05/01/03 We had our 1st birthday party on May 1st @ The Sky Bar. The truly inspiring audience of over 40 people rocked incredibly hard as we celebrated our 1st year of performances. The large group of people dancing near the stage was especially appreciated. Eric, Christina, and Niels were inducted as FOTM's as they interviewed the audience and filmed the show for future rockumentary material. Honest Bob and The Factory to Dealer Incentives played a great set for the first half of the night. The Curbys were a no-show, which actually worked out well because we got a longer set, as did Honest Bob. We did, however, go on later than we expected, so we appreciate the audience for sticking with us into the night. We thank all of you who came out for making it a very happy birthday.
04/15/03 The Tech made a bold statement of affection: "...Bucky Spins should've been first. ... It was a travesty, I tell you." You can read the full excerpt to check our ...'s.
04/12/03 We had a great time at the ZBT, Children's Miracle Network Battle of the Bands charity event. The MIT audience was magnificent with over 200 people including some wonderful Bucky Spins fans to whom we are grateful. The organizers did an amazing job, while running two stages simultaneously for split second band transitions. You can read more about it with these excerpts from The Tech. All of the 9 other bands played sets of notable quality in a variety of styles: Plexus, Fluttr, Our Friend Glenn, The Sandwalk (Pardis's band!), The Saga Continues, Sonic Bonnet, Radix, Obstokl, and The Neon Calm.
04/03/03 Like old times, we brought our equipment over to the MIT student center for an audition. It was a small affair with only a few witnesses and no PA, but we rocked it anyway. The real fun will happen Saturday the 12th, when we go to battle.
02/12/03 At The Sky Bar, a frightfully cold evening, once again, tried to put the chill on Bucky, but with the help of a spirited audience of over 30 people, we overcame the weather and had a good show with The Moms and Vas Deferens. While we played, wondrous art emerged out of the hands of Jessica Howe, the 2nd FOTM, and onto the T-shirts of the faithful. We thank you all. Rekindle the excitement by looking at these videos and pictures from the show.
01/21/03 At T.T. The Bear's Place, we rocked with a glorious audience of over 40 people who had braved the extreme cold to be with us at 11:30PM on a Tuesday. Solid8, Charlie Freak, and Goodbye Blue Monday filled out the good times. We thank all of you who attended for making it a great show.
12/18/02 A phenomenal audience at the The Thirsty Ear propelled us to produce a fine performance. Chris McNulty became the very first Fan Of The Month (FOTM).
12/08/02 red fender was the track of the day at
10/02/02 Our first show at The Thirsty Ear was ok.
09/28/02 We had a great time playing for an excellent fraternity.
09/23/02 We sent out our first bignews email, which among other things announced the release of our first EP. At the time we expected these four tracks to be part of a debut album, since we did have eleven total tracks recorded. In the end, however, we never finalized and released the other seven tracks, and instead chose to focus on new material, our live show, and recordings with cuddles's guitar work. Maybe someday these seven mystery tracks will return as a musical curiousity. We do still enjoy them.
05/24/02 Bucky Spins came alive by rocking the 324 Mass. Ave. Warehouse.


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