the following five tracks were recorded in the final days of flintstonia, our now demolished basement studio at the rez.  played by clark kemp, dr. cuddles and danny p. mixed and mastered at studio sixteen by clark and danny. copyright 2003.

wired betty    

it's about a cat

john's song    

the govt can be a source of frustration

all of my energy    

reality tv is a great place to make friends

bounce to the moon    

moving beyond earth

ode to be young    

kids these days

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The following four tracks, were produced, composed and performed by clark and danny p and released in early 2002.

red fender    

funk to rock and back


bucky spins, low-fi and hard

one word    

a slower groove with love


upbeat with a touch of rockabilly

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All recordings and their content ©2002/2003. Download and distribute the recordings, just don't alter them. The more people who hear the sound, the happier we are.