The Illustrious Few

January 2004 Many years ago Andy Newell first introduced Dr. Cuddles to the guitar and the joys of music. Now he is our first FOTM for 2004. Andy has followed up his extraordinary childhood contributions to Bucky Spins in many ways, including enthusiastic support, nearly perfect attendance, and even equipment unloading! We love Andy Newell!
September 2003 With outstanding creativity and humor, John Hoctor has energetically supported us from the beginning. He's given us a wealth of ideas, true photos, and enhanced photos, while coming out to almost all our shows. Bucky Spins loves John Hoctor!
March, April, May 2003 Eric, Christina, and Niels are the 2003, March, April, and May FOTM's! They form a powerful triumvirate of fandom that is unlikely to be matched. Together they have perfect attendance. They got us one of our first gigs. They have provided very useful advice and criticism along with positive support. They have linked to us from websites and promoted us with posters and stickers. To top off these contributions, they filmed a rockumentary of our 1st birthday show, with Eric and Christina interviewing people, while Niels, an up-and-coming indie film maker, operated the cameras and directed. Rumors have even circulated that Eric, a talented visual artist, has yet another artistic contribution waiting for a worthy presentation opportunity. We love the Cosman kids!
February 2003 To the left, Jessica Howe triumphantly lofts her Bucky Spins Fan of the Month plaque, which was presented to her on Feb. 12th at The Sky Bar. She earned this recognition by applying her outstanding creativity to the art of Bucky Spins T-shirt creation. From her first duct tape "all of my energy" t-shirt, to her custom t-shirt creation during our Feb. 12th performance, her work exemplifies the pioneering creativity we love in our audience. You can admire some of her creations in this brief retrospective of her excellent T's!
January 2003 As the first ever FOTM, Chris McNulty will always hold a very special place in the history and hearts of Bucky Spins. Chris flew out from MN twice (thrice and counting as of Feb. 2003) to see Bucky Spins, surmounting overwhelming obstacles in order to generously add his stupendous personality to our excellent audience. To the left you can see Chris with his two fan of the month (FOTM) plaques at our Dec.18th gig at The Thirsty Ear. We love you, Chris! Be sure to read his fantastic interview!

How to be a Great Rock Music Fan

The only true priority is for you to have a good time. But if you ever feel so inclined, there are several things that would make us, and most any rock band, very happy.

1. attend - come to our shows and bring your friends/coworkers/etc. bringing someone new who hasn't heard us before is especially appreciated.

2. get closer - when people are at small rock shows, they tend to congregate at the back of the club. show your support by grabbing your friends and moving up to the center in front of the stage. people will follow and the show will be better because of it.

3. get into it - move and make noise. we love to see you dancing or bobbing your head along with the music. screaming is always encouraged as well.

4. publicize - help us publicize. if you like us, let people know. ask us and we can give you posters & stickers for your school, work, or neighborhood.

5. be creative - have you got a good performance idea or publicity stunt in mind, or maybe an inspiration for a public display of bucky spins affection? let us be your creative outlet. tell us your thoughts and we may help make it happen, or be bold and just do it.

6. give us feedback - let us know what you liked and didn't like about our music or performances. it helps us improve. we value thoughtful criticism.

7. document - have you got a good picture from a bucky spins show? email it to us. we don't have to be in the picture. pictures of a happy audience can be just as exciting to us.

8. webify - link to us on your web page, start a fansite, blog us, chat us up, etc.. we're a band of the future!

9. connect us - do you know of a good gig opportunity? we love to play. likewise, introductions to people in the music industry are always welcome. if you have a friend who is a club owner/booker, radio dj, member of a band, newspaper or magazine writer, etc. we would appreciate an opportunity to meet them.

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