Bucky Spins is an upbeat high-energy rock three-piece from the Boston, MA area. Clark Kemp, Danny P, and Dr. Cuddles joined forces in mid-2002 to bring live action sound to you. Together as Bucky Spins, they've been captivating audiences around Boston with their extreme on-stage energy and a sound that twists from punk to pop to funk to rock with lyrics that are smart, fun, and unconventional. They released their first EP in 2002, which included the fan favorite "red fender", an epic tale rendered in funk/rock about a boy who finds a super-powered bicycle after a storm. Most recently, they released their second EP, "Dos EP", which consists of 5 tracks from their live set, including the punk-flavored live-favorite, "all of my energy", which describes danny p's reaction to his reality TV experience, and "john's song" their first politically motivated composition and their most recent work. For the first time, "Dos EP" captures some of Bucky Spins's live energy in a recording. Check it out on this website, then catch them live. Bucky Spins still loves you.

bucky spins is

danny p - drums
dr. cuddles - guitar
clark kemp - bass and vox

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